About Jake Hose


Jake Hose went through somewhat of a personal renaissance period in his youth where he gained a passion for creating artworks and music that now spans 3 decades of prolific work. His music and artistic influences have been broad.

In the mid-nineties, in Charlottesville, he played the guitar and sang in coffee shops while performing his own material and later performing in a variety of rock bands as both a singer and guitarist.

In Charlottesville he became a designer for a picture frame company and a part of the art scene. He later worked with galleries, did freelance artwork, and participated in local art shows that generated a following.

He began writing and recording self-produced music demos while painting abstracts on canvas, learning computer animation, and painting in a French style of painting on reverse glass.

While living in Tacoma Washington he laid roots with local galleries and performed live at various music venues. He later moved to Puyallup Washington where he worked as a picture framer and designer for Puyallup Custom Frame and Art for many years which also showcased his work at openings sponsored by the gallery.

This is when he began to participate in local art shows around Seattle while working with more galleries. In 2012 he won the People's choice award at the Westport fine art festival. Jake is also the creator of the Seattle Cats series featuring cats in the Pacific Northwest that gained a strong following.

He later acquired two sales reps who helped him to develop a line of greeting cards and autographed prints that were sold in Washington State in over 50 stores for the next 5 years. Buyers of his work included the Seattle Space Needle, tourist shops, bookstores, galleries, and museum shops in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2017 he signed to Art Licensing International that made his artwork available through publishing companies while his wife Kimberly Hose launched a stylish tote bag collection called Kimali that featured her husband's artwork on custom printed fabric that were available for a limited time.

During the span of these years, and approximately 200 art shows later, Jake Hose’s work had been shown in almost every major arts and crafts show in Seattle and the Puget Sound. He is also the creator and illustrator of 6 books and 10 music projects. His creative work has been appreciated and valued by people from around the world and all walks of life.