Picture Framing And Care Instructions

How to properly frame and care for your artwork:


Below are recommendations for custom framing and care instructions for Jake Hose fine art paper Giclees, original paintings and original drawings on paper: Proper care and framing is an essential part of prolonging the life of your collectables and their enjoyment. Mishandling of collectable grade art by a picture framer can effect the collectable appeal or value of your treasured artwork over time.

For Giclee paper prints and original drawings on paper media:

Matting System, use only archival mats to protect your artwork from yellowing over time and from being pushed up against the glass. Art that is pushed against glass can be effected by condensation over time leading to mold and mildew issues etc. Color, texture and design is a matter of taste.

Using Fillets (small wooden frames) on the inside of the artwork, your framer will need to use frame sealing tape (tape with an aluminum barrier) along with an acid free mat under the fillet, be it visible or not, to prevent the fillet from discoloring the artwork over time.

Archival Mounting Board, use an archival mounting board, use a 4 ply or 8 ply neutral colored mat board in between the art and acid free foam core backing board. This barrier will absorb any carbon or acidic properties found in foam core, or in the air, from bleeding into the artwork over time.

UV Glass, use only ultraviolet filtering glass to prevent your collectable art from fading over time. Your artwork was designed to last a lifetime, however it should never be put in direct sunlight even if it is exposed for 15 minutes a day. UV glass also helps to give your art more protection from indoor lights that can emit a large amount of UV light.

Mounting the Art, use only acid free photo corners, Mylar archival sleeves, or acid free hinging tape for mounting the artwork. Do not dry-mount, wet-mount, or spray-mount the artwork to any type of substrate. The chemicals used in these adhesives can cause color shifting over time or yellowing. Do not use double sided tape to "stick it" onto the mounting board. 

Frame, as long as the frame is stable, safe and strong, style is a matter of taste and does not effect the protection and care of your artwork.

Dust cover and wire system, paper the back of the frame using only archival acid free backing paper, to prevent dust and insects from entering the frame. Use stainless steal or corrosion resistant wire.


Framing Jake Hose original paintings on canvas, Masonite or canvas panel:


Frame Preparation: If the frame is made of wood, the framer needs to cover the inside of the rabbit with archival tape to create a barrier between the artwork and frame. Over time, a wooden frame will migrate acid and toxins into the canvas artwork, slowly breaking the artwork down and making it brittle. This will also help to prevent acidic rot and costly restoration later down the road.


No Glass: It is not recommended for an original painting on canvas to have glass over it, for it needs to breath to prevent pockets of mold, moisture or mildew from being an issue inside the framing system.

Like all collectable artwork, never place in direct sunlight, avoid very damp and moist storage and do not use cardboard to store your artwork.

If you have any questions, or your framer has questions, please contact us.


 Please print this out and consult with your picture framer.